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Sherryl Evans Healing and Massage offers a range of body therapies to support with relaxation, easing tension, body pain, overwhelm, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more.

Each of the therapies support people to reconnect deeply to themselves and the stillness within, providing holistic healing as well as supporting conventional medicine.

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Each therapy supports the body to release not only the physical tension but also the energetic patterns and imprints that cause tension and disharmony in the first place. When the original cause is addressed and healed, the body has the opportunity to deeply let go and return to its own true and natural way of being. 

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us, but in the busyness of life we don’t always stop to listen. Each therapy at Sherryl Evans Healing and Massage offers the client reconnection to the body’s stillness, a quality that is always there within, allowing more clarity as to what is truly going on. 


Each session begins with an open conversation about what you would like support with, this could be on an emotional or physical level, you may even be contemplating a change of life, a new job or a relationship. This will allow Sherryl to gain an understanding of how she can support your body and you during your session.

Life becomes more purposeful and enriching as you take responsibility for your own healing process. True healing comes from your own body, your body is healing itself and Sherryl is there to support you.



Sherryl's love of supporting people is what drew her to studying massage in 2011. But it was when she discovered the Universal Medicine Healing Therapies that she realised that our tensions or ailments held in the body must be addressed from a holistic approach. That the physical and energetic must be addressed together to heal the body.


Sherryl creates a beautiful and healing space for clients to be able to surrender deeply in her care. Her gentleness, openness and honesty to the work that she does allow the client to be at ease with the healing process and to simply be themselves.



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Esoteric Massage


Connective Tissue Therapy


Sacred Esoteric



 Energetic Facial Release

Relaxation & Remedial Massage


The principal behind Esoteric healing is the understanding of energy and the knowing that everything happens because of energy - esoteric meaning innermost.



Esoteric Massage is a gentle form of massage, it is deeply healing, reconnecting and not imposing in any way. 

The body is supported to not only release physical tension but also the energetic patterns and imprints that caused the tension and disharmony in the first place. When the original cause of the dysfunction is addressed and healed, the body then has the opportunity to deeply let go and return to its own true and natural way of being.


Esoteric Massage supports a true flow of energy to the whole body. Following a treatment, you may experience more settlement and feel lighter and freer in movement.


Esoteric Massage may support clients who have chronic pain and tension, exhaustion and fatigue, stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.



Sacred Esoteric Healing is a gentle form of energetic hands-on healing which supports the client to reconnect to themselves and the stillness within.

Sacred Esoteric Healing allows true healing to come from within your own body, supporting you to understand the energetic patterns and behaviours that contribute to your hurts and frustrations. Once free of these you are able to choose a more healthy and loving way to live your life.

The hands-on techniques used are deeply nurturing, gently supporting by way of clearing the body of disharmonious energy, helping you feel lighter and more you.

This modality may support a wide range of physical and emotional issues, chronic stress and anxiety, grief, sadness, relationship issues as well as the more physical aspects like chronic fatigue, burn-out, sleeplessness and digestive issues.

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Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a delicate yet powerful therapy which focuses on the connective tissue throughout the body.  Treatments are very nurturing and balancing.

Gentle anticlockwise movements are applied to the client’s body to help enhance the natural flow of energy and fluids throughout the connective tissue, this supports the body to release any areas of tension and hardness, helping restore the body’s natural balance within the organ and musculoskeletal systems.

Underlying energetic imprints are held within our body and when these release and heal, our muscles, organs and connective tissue then have the opportunity to release the tension and pain.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy may support common physical conditions as well as emotional conditions: nervous tension, stress, overwhelm, it is also supportive when you are 'just not feeling yourself'.



The Energetic Facial Release is a beautifully unique form of treatment that dates back to Ancient Egyptian times.  The treatment is deeply nurturing and healing, whilst only applied to the face it invites the whole body to surrender and let go of ideals and beliefs that are no longer supportive.

Gentle, smooth massage strokes and specific techniques are applied to the client’s face, these support the letting go of emotional tension we may be holding in the body and expressing through the face such as negative thoughts, anger, frustration, anxiety and sadness.

This modality may support to ease headaches, tightness or clenching of the jaw, and tired puffy eyes.



Relaxation Massage consists of smooth rhythmical massage techniques which support the body to deeply relax at an emotional and physical level, the body is then able to release deeply held stress and tension.

Relaxation Massage promotes general relaxation and well-being, improved circulation and supports the supple movement of the body.  It may be of support in times of stress, with general tension in the body and when having difficulty sleeping.

​Remedial Massage is available on request. Please speak to Sherryl at the time of booking, if you require remedial massage support.



Private Health care rebates available with some providers for Relaxation Massage and Remedial Massage.

Rates: $70 for an hour session


Appointments Available:

Weekdays Tuesday - Friday 6.30am

Saturdays between 7am - 1pm

Please text or e-mail with preferred day and times.

Sherryl Evans


For more information or to book a session with Sherryl you can contact her via the below methods:


0427 692 760.


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